Q: Since this is such a whimsical place to visit, why don’t you allow children?
A: The building of the Shire with all of its intricate details was designed with the adult in mind. We spared no expense in bringing out the true nature of what J.R.R. Tolkien had in mind in helping to bring out the “Inner Child” in all who visit. Our most common comment is how soothing, quiet and enchanting the Hobbit house is with everyone stating that we left no detail out in the building of our little Shire. Therefore, this was not intended to be a children’s playground but a playground for adults to let their imagination run free.

Q: What gave you the idea for the Shire?
A: We were building a small underground guest home for family and friends that would support easy heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. One day the contractor’s son mentioned that it looked just like a Hobbit Hole from The Hobbit written by J.R.R. Tolkien. From then on, all of our attention and energy has gone into making this a first class Whimsical Village.

Q: Why are there so many different structures when you only have one as a guest house?
A: While we were completing the Hobbit house itself, we found this 700 year old cedar stump with a roof and door up in Kalispell and decided to make it our Troll House. The word got out and all of the elementals including the Dwarfs, Trolls and Faeries started showing up and building mostly at night until we had an actual village. The Elves combined their efforts and made their own Elven village. There was some complaining from the Dwarves about having to go all the way down to the well for water so we had to build the River Shire for easier accessibility. The Hobbits can be rather persnickety and demanding at times... especially if they haven’t had a steady supply of ale & cakes or their 6 meals a day. The Hobbits are the ones who stated (in no uncertain terms) that only one human guest house would be allowed in their Shire at a time.

Q: Why are there no pets allowed?
A: Our ranch is the home of many alpaca’s who treat coyotes/dogs as a dangerous threat and may attack one if approached. We also have been visited by cougars & bears so this could be a dangerous area for your pet if it should wander off. We also have had guests with allergies to pet hair and want our Hobbit House to be available for everyone. Plus the Hobbits don’t like strange creatures roaming around their Shire.

Q: What is there to do when we arrive in the backwoods of nowhere? A: Check out our Events/Link Button for current events and things to do. Fresh air is in abundance and exercise is welcome.

Q: We understand you do not have cell service? What’s a person to do to communicate with the outside world?
A: We have a phone available for your use along with wi-fi for computer use.

Q: Where do we find something to eat?
The House at the Shire comes complete with a full kitchen including a barbeque on the deck. There are two bars and restaurants in Trout Creek and a handful of restaurants and bars in Thompson Falls just a short drive away. One we would highly recommend in Thompson Falls, especially for breakfast, is Minnie's on Main Street. They will fill your plate and have excellent prices - make sure to order their special Home Fries with onions instead of Hash Browns... a real treat. If you feel adventuresome, you could always drive over the pass (except winter) for a good ribs and steak restaurant at the Spragpole in Murray, Idaho. For more elegant dining, drive on Hwy 200 past Paradise toward St. Regis and soak in the hot pools with a later dining experience at Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort.

Q: Are you open year round?
A: We are open from May 1st through November 1st. Closed for the winter.

Q: My Husband loves his TV – is that provided?
A: We have a complete HD-TV set-up with a 40” flat screen providing over 170 channels, many in HD. We also have a Blu-Ray player so you can watch your favorite movies whether Blu-Ray or not and we’ll even provide the popcorn. Many blu-ray movies are in our library including the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Q: Can I bring my CD’s to play?
A: Yes, a complete Sony CD player is provided with surround sound.

Q: Should we bring our camera?
A: Absolutely! With our 2 acre trout pond located at the bottom of the Shire, we have plenty of wildlife including our resident bald eagle named Baldwin. See our display of animals that have been photographed by our resident Hobbit located on this site under The Shire or go to www.whitepinefoto.com for a complete variety of fotos that have been taken by the caretaker and owner of the property, Steve Michaels. We also have props available such as the Wizard’s original hat, some Hairy feet, a forgotten bench that was once a Troll along with the complete Shire at your disposal.

Q: I need to check in to my office every day via computer. Do you provide WiFi?
A: Yes we do

Q: What should we bring to wear?
A: Montana definitely has 4 seasons and the evenings can get a little chilly even in the summer. It’s wise to pack with layers in mind.

Q: My husband snores. Is there somewhere else for him to sleep if it gets to loud?
A: The Shire does have two bedrooms so you can kick him out but remember that you are in a 1000 sq. ft. dome home that is underground so sound carries very easily. We also supply you with earplugs for the robust snorer.

Q: Do I have to worry that the underground structure will cave in since it is underground?
A: It is one of the safest places you could be in the world – kind of like a cave shaped egg. The company who supplied the actual blueprints and design for the cement home said that you could actually drive a caterpillar tractor over the dome and it would hold up using the egg shape for strength and durability. It is surprisingly light and airy and maintains a constant 55 - 60 degrees.

Q: We’ve been to other Guest Homes who say they have a fire place and end up with a little gas burner – Is your fireplace real?
A: Yes with real wood, real fire and everything. We even supply you with a sturdy pair of gloves for those with fair skin to load the stove. That along with fire starter... we even provide you with matches!

Q: What about fishing – is there any good fishing up there?
A: Besides the hundreds of cutthroat trout located in the Pond Shire (which by the way are exclusively for the Hobbits and their brood) there is excellent bass fishing in the Clark Fork and Thompson River. In fact, there are bass fishing tournaments on a regular basis in Trout Creek.

Q: What about Hunting?
A: This part of Montana sports a lot of game such as elk, moose, bear and deer. These animals can be legally hunted in our national forest. Hunting in the Shire is strictly forbidden. If the Trolls see you with a rifle or even smell gun powder on you, you will be fair game... and let me remind you that they can take down an elk at 125 yards with a slingshot.

Q: Can we smoke on the premises?
A: Only in your car or if you are on fire!

Q: We are the athletic type and like to do outdoorsy things – what have you got!
A: The entire Cabinet National Forest is right outside your doorstep. Kayakers also have a plethora of choices. Hikers and mountain bikers will be able to seek and find to their hearts content.